At Indianapolis Rehabilitation...

It is all about the patient.

It's about listening, learning,
and self-directed problem-solving.

It's about the health care team working together.

And at Indianapolis Rehabilitation...

The patient will always be at the center
of the health care team.



Unique Physical Therapy Services for Today's Patient

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Agency was founded in 1985. It was the first physical therapy clinic in Indianapolis that took an approach to healing that incorporated rehabilitation counseling services as an integral part of the physical therapy process.

Clinical education and research has also been an inherent principle of our rehabilitation programs. In the constantly evolving specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the technology and treatment techniques are always improving, and it is important to our facility to provide the latest in comprehensive rehabilitation treatment options.

We are currently using a variety of therapeutic exercise machines, including Hydrafitness Hydraulic Biometric Rehab Machines, Matrix, Nordic, Cybex, and AirDynePro Ergometers. We also offer pain and injury treatment programs utilizing Dynawave Electrotherapy, Dynasound and Chattanooga Ultrasound, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators, a NeuroProbe, and other neuromuscular modalities and procedures. Each patient will receive customized home therapy programs unique to their specific diagnoses.

Since 1985, Indianapolis Rehabilitation Agency has been a respected provider of holistic outpatient physical therapy and rehabilitation care. We hope that, if you should ever require outpatient physical therapy or rehabilitation services, you will consider contacting our clinic.

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Agency

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